Holiday apartment on Lake Orta

Your holiday in a home on Lake Orta

The home is in the historical center of Orta San Giulio.
Fifty meters from the main square and the pier

Home on Lake Orta: the ideal holiday

Spending a holiday in a home on Lake Orta is a relaxing and dynamic experience at the same time. If the visitor's intention is to spend a holiday dedicated to nature, walks, outdoor activities, art and good food, nothing is better than Lake Orta and Orta San Giulio. The holiday in a home on Lake Orta usually lasts a weekend or 3/4 days between the weekend. Only in summer and spring do holidays on Lake Orta involve a stay of one or more weeks. During the weekend Lake Orta comes alive incredibly with people and cultural and musical events.

A holiday in a home on Lake Orta is ideal for enjoying a few days of tranquility, but if you are dynamic you can practice many activities: from long walks in the woods to trekking, from visits to numerous places of cultural interest to water activities , from scuba diving to cycling along the numerous paths. Lake Orta is a little jewel to discover, full of atmosphere, with many things to see and do in all seasons. Lake Orta is not among the best known lakes in Italy and perhaps this is also its charm; it is in Piedmont, province of Novara; it is surrounded by lush greenery interspersed with small towns, true jewels to discover. The most important is Orta San Giulio, much loved by families also because cars cannot circulate in the historic center, you have to park and go down on foot with a nice walk, or use the shuttle/train that takes you down from Sacro Monte and Legro.

A holiday in a home on Lake Orta offers many attractions to see such as ancient buildings or the OrtArte gallery where you can purchase collectibles. Continuing the walk you emerge on Via Bossi, then Via Olina, the main road that leads to Piazza Motta, the central square from which the holiday home is only 30 meters away. From the pier in Piazza Motta, boats leave every few minutes for the Island of San Giulio, an islet in the center of the lake, an inimitable complex of ancient buildings, villas overlooking the water and medieval architecture. Once you arrive on the island, you can visit the suggestive Basilica built in the 12th century. The church and its Romanesque bell tower offer a unique view, inside you can see the pipe organ and many frescoes.

From the island you can enjoy a unique view of the lake, it only takes a few minutes to go around but it's nice to get lost in the streets, enjoy the calm while sitting in complete relaxation. A holiday in a home on Lake Orta also offers you the opportunity to taste the culinary specialties of the well-known chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo. In fact, in Orta San Giulio there is Villa Crespi, a historic residence and now home to the famous five-starred Chef's restaurant.

The home on Lake Orta: Orta San Giulio is a small village

Orta San Giulio is a small village belonging to the circuit of the most beautiful villages in Italy.
Orange flag of the Italian Touring Club, Orta San Giulio and Lake Orta in general are ideal for couples and families. A magnificent holiday in a home on Lake Orta full of romance and a relaxing stay.

Holiday in the home on Lake Orta: a convenient and comfortable stay

The home on Lake Orta is approximately 50 m2 and is located on the first floor of via Bersani 19, in Orta San Giulio. After going up the half flight of stairs you reach the entrance. The apartment consists of a large living room, a double bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchen. The accommodation also has a large garage (one minute walk) which is very important given the constant influx of tourists and the limited number of parking spaces.

The home on Lake Orta can accommodate a maximum of 5 people (4 plus an additional bed on request). The entire home is floored with ship's deck wood which gives an appearance of rustic elegance. The apartment is located in the historic center of Orta San Giulio, fifty meters from the lake (visible from the small balcony). The home on Lake Orta is ideal for both couples and families with children, for a few days of relaxation in a unique location in the world.

The entrance is bright and opens onto the corridor which allows access to the living room. On the left side is the kitchen, comfortable and equipped with small appliances, pots and pans. The apartment enjoys excellent brightness coming from the door/window of the balcony. The living room is very bright and comfortable. There is a double sofa/bed in front of the television and, if necessary, an additional cot. Also here in the living room there is a small balcony that overlooks the small square adjacent to Piazza Motta. From the living room, a sliding door leads to the bathroom equipped with a washing machine. The double bedroom window opens directly onto the alley, a peaceful and quiet environment at night. The position of the room is optimal: not being exposed to the sun it maintains a cool temperature, even on the hottest summer nights.

Tips for a special weekend. The ideal holiday at the home on Lake Orta.

Arriving in the late afternoon via the panoramic road to the car park north of the town of Orta San Giulio, one of the views over the heart of Lake Orta unfolds, with the roofs of the historic center of Orta, the waters and the island of San Giulio that you can almost touch with your hand. You can park in the comfortable and large garage a few steps from the holiday home on Lake Orta, before an aperitif or dinner in one of the characteristic restaurants in the center which are always closed to traffic. A platter of local cured meats, including the typical Ortese liver mortadella and the tasty smoked ham from the nearby Val Vigezzo, and a tasting of cheeses with the inevitable toma del Mottarone, among the best Piedmontese mountain cheeses, and the Bettelmatt of the Formazza and Antigorio valleys, allow you to immerse yourself in the best flavors of this corner of northern Piedmont.

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After leaving the holiday home on Lake Orta, the walk can only start from the heart of the village of Orta, in the picturesque Piazza Motta, the day on the eastern shore of the cleanest lake in Europe. The square is a lovely lounge overlooking the water, where there is also the small port from which boats depart for the island of San Giulio. The square overlooked by clubs and shops is beautiful and colourful, as are the many narrow and winding alleys that lead up to the Sacro Monte. From the square starts the climb called "Motta", paved in stones and flanked by interesting historic buildings. Not to be missed, at the top of the street, is the church of Santa Maria Assunta.

Second part of the morning at the Sacro Monte di Orta Nature Reserve which dominates the village from above. Located in the hilly area overlooking the village and which is divided between the wooded area and the sacred one.

The route of twenty chapels dedicated to episodes from the life of Saint Francis of Assisi, with frescoes and sculptures. Afternoon on the island of San Giulio. Departure from the small port of Orta and a trip on the clear waters of the lake, resting your gaze on the wilder western shore as the boat slowly approaches the island. The island is dominated by the Basilica of San Giulio and the nearby Bishop's Palace. Today it is inhabited by Benedictine cloistered nuns. It can be reached by landing with boats on a meadow area in its southern area.

A single street follows the perimeter of the island, a succession of homes and palaces, lush gardens, courtyards, small shops and restaurants. The Romanesque jewel of the island is the Basilica of San Giulio, with a facade and staircase that overlook the water. Return to Orta after a new trip on the waters of the lake, looking towards the sanctuary of the Madonna del Sasso, the small port of Pella and the distant Torre di Buccione, located on the top of a hill in the southern area of Cusio.

After leaving the holiday home on Lake Orta, Omegna is the first destination on Sunday. The main center of Cusio, it is located at the northern end, on the slopes of Mottarone. A center with a strong industrial propensity, it is the birthplace of Alfonso Bialetti, well-known entrepreneur and founder of the industry of the same name, and of Gianni Rodari, journalist, writer and poet. In the city, the late Romanesque church of Sant'Ambrogio is worth seeing, with its high bell tower, the Antico bridge with two arches from the 15th century, and the Roman gate, dating back to 1100, the only one remaining of the five entrances to the city in medieval times. Second part of the morning in Nonio, reachable along the provincial road which slowly rises along the waters and offers exciting views. Land of green-grey quarries, it is the "town of two sunsets", in fact, on some days of the year, the sun, after having disappeared behind Mount Castello, reappears for a few minutes, and then sets definitively.

The afternoon begins in Cesara, a mountain village located on the heights of the western shore of Lake Orta. Second half of the afternoon at the extraordinary sanctuary of the Madonna del Sasso, located on the top of a granite rock overlooking Lake Orta. Defined as the Cusio balcony, it offers a spectacular view of the entire basin from the square in front of the church.

Whoever arrives there for the first time is enchanted by the view and the location of the baroque church with the beautiful frescoed dome. Second part of the afternoon on the lake shore, in the picturesque village of Pella, in the shadow of the dizzying granite wall that supports the sanctuary of the Madonna del Sasso, to breathe in the magical atmosphere of the lake a little longer and enjoy the view of the island of San Giulio, this time with in the background, on the other bank, the village of Orta dominated by its Sacro Monte.

End of the weekend at the table to enjoy a good stuffed perch roll followed by a fillet of whitefish meunière, both to be accompanied with a good Piedmontese white wine. Evening on the lakeside to enjoy the crisp evening air and the warm lights of the island.

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